HAVE FEAR KODY IS HERE is a picture book about Kody – a Siamese cat from Doha. Kody was a stray and was adopted by his family in London during the Covid-19 lockdown in July 2020 through Evenstar Charitable Organisation.

Kody is an out going, adventure seeking cat. The first time he escaped, he managed to get into so many fights with long term respectable resident dogs and cats in the neighbourhood. He also set off endless barking, alarms and security lights… Therefore his family has made an executive decision and grounded him. Not going out, he now has to adapt to be an indoor cat.

Not every cat is cute as Kody proves but he is a cat full of character and craziness. He is still on his journey learning to accept love and trust people again.

The book is illustrated by Vân Dang – Kody’s adopted mum and is dedicated to all the rescue cats who all deserve a second chance and the commitment of all the volunteers at rescues all over the world.

A £1 from each book sale is being donated to Evenstar Charitable Organisation (Registered Charity Number 1170083 in England and Wales), which is the rescue that has found Kody and many other stray cats a home.